Mobile Printing with Advanced Printing Solutions

Business today is literally on the go. Today, work isn’t confined to the desktop—or the desktop PC. Today, business professionals are working from smartphones, tablets, and especially laptops. With mobility comes increased flexibility and productivity, and new possibilities with mobile printing.

Benefits of printing from mobile devices

For managers and executives who are constantly moving from department to department—or office to office—mobile printing isn’t a “nice to have” feature; it’s a “need to have” feature. When configured properly, printing from a mobile device is just as secure and simple as printing from a desktop PC.

Mobile printing is convenient

With a managed print environment, printing from a mobile device is effortless. There’s no need to install drivers for dozens of different printers and copiers, and no need to physically plug into the printer or the network.

Mobile printing is secure

WiFi is wonderful. In business settings, it can be lightning fast and incredibly secure—or not. Wireless networking includes a specific set of security challenges, but when combined with managed print services, mobile printing can actually improve the security of many print jobs. By managing users, devices and permissions, you can ensure sensitive information stays protected.

Mobile printing lowers costs 

Remote printing technology lowers the amount of network overhead required. Instead of having a complex and costly Virtual Private Network (VPN), print jobs can be securely transmitted over public networks.

Examples of Mobile Printing with Advanced Printing Solutions

Manufacturers can send orders, reports, or shipping information from their internal ERP system to a remote location such as the shipping office or regional warehouse.

Healthcare providers such as labs or specialists can securely print test results to the patient’s doctor or surgeon.

Business professionals working from their home office can print documents at the corporate office.

Mobile printing with pull printing

Pull Printing refers to a system where print jobs are sent to the printer or copier and held there until they’re released by the user being physically present at the machine. This is like the 2-factor authentication used by apps and websites. First, users need to have the proper network credentials and access to send their job. Then they need to authenticate at the printer to output their print job. This can be done with key cards, PIN codes, or even biometric scanning. Regardless of the user authenticates, Pull Printing ensures that sensitive documents aren’t left unattended on an output tray.

Mobile printing on Canon devices

Many of Applied Imaging’s customers rely on Canon imaging devices such as the ImageRUNNER ADVANCE color multifunction copiers for document output. Canon has developed a suite of wireless printing features that allow users to print, scan, and manage documents (and print them, of course) from their mobile device—available for both Android and iOS devices. Better still, with Canon PRINT Business, users with appropriate access can discover devices on a network (automatically or manually) and register up to 10 of them in a list for recurring use.

Mobile printing on Ricoh devices

Applied Imaging’s partner, Ricoh,  is also driving mobile printing innovation with a suite of Ricoh wireless printing features for SMB and Enterprise. While specific features vary based on the environment and device, each application provides convenience and security to the business environment.

Want to increase efficiency and productivity?

PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s Managed Print Services Program, allows businesses to bundle all document output devices, toner, and service into one invoice with one low cost per print. PrintSmart also removes the burden of fixing printers and monitoring supplies from IT professionals, allowing them to perform more important, strategic functions. Save money and increase productivity with PrintSmart.

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