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Software is the basis of any successful document management system, that’s why we work with industry-leading software manufacturers; to make sure our customers have access to the best options on the market. Two of the primary software companies that we work with are DocuWare and Hyland. In fact, we are one of Hyland’s top-tier partners and we work with several of their programs including

OnBase is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that makes sure all of your important business content is accessible in one safe and secure environment. It provides users with instant access to the information they need, exactly when they need it, revolutionizing your business processes.

OnBase is one product, comprised of components (in-house, we call them feature sets). Think of these like building blocks, used in combination to create a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Organizations can deploy anything from simple departmental solutions to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

This is extremely cost-efficient because you only pay for what you use. Since these modules are all part of the same product, they are essentially “plug-and-play”, allowing your OnBase solution to grow and change with your business.

Brainware provides the ability to easily and efficiently capture data from documents. When used in conjunction with a platform like OnBase, documents can be automatically indexed, routed into workflows, and information filled into custom forms. Brainware is an extremely valuable tool for AP automation, transcript processing automation, and automating other high volume data capture solutions.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing platform that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control of information.

Administrators can create and manage accounts for each employee, providing them with the appropriate levels of access and permission. The platform also allows administrators to control maximum file-sharing permissions, content expiration dates and external sharing.

ShareBase provides the platform for users share and collaborate on content in a secure environment. Users can access content and share from anywhere. They can easily edit files, with each saved change creating a new document version in ShareBase. With intuitive chat features for commenting, ShareBase tracks related conversations and allows users to subscribe to notifications as they collaborate on content.

Another one of our trusted partners for document management software is Docuware.

DocuWare is a secure, cloud-based document management tool that allows your business to transform paper and manual processes into digital, automated workflows. By storing all of your important information in one easily accessible place, your organization can embrace a collaborative and mobile workforce.

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