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Today’s businesses run lean. Smaller teams are doing more work and efficiency is mission-critical. Your workforce doesn’t have time to hunt through hanging files in search of legacy documents. With hardware, software, and Applied Imaging’s expertise, you can streamline processes for documents and software to securely store records and deliver critical data to any member of your team, anywhere in the world.

Document Management

We can transform your business. Our document management team can connect your critical business data across devices, systems, and platforms. With document management, you can shift complex processes — those that are labor, time, or print-intensive — online, so you can add output without adding people.

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Document Management Software

Our team combines the power of OnBase and Docuware — a software suite for enterprise-level content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), and records capture and management — with decades of expertise, creating custom software across a range of industries.

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ShredHub Secure Shredding

For many businesses, securely deleting documents isn’t confined to their PCs. Firms dealing with confidential client information — such as financial, legal, and medical records — need to safely dispose of printed documents. That’s precisely why we are now offering onsite document disposal.

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