Improve Productivity and Efficiency with Managed Print

Printers and copiers are changing—and have the potential to change your organization for the better. While more business takes place on-screen, physical documents retain an essential role in an organization’s internal and external communication. Output devices such as multifunction copiers and high-quality color laser printers can actually improve your team’s productivity, primarily when used with PrintSmart, our Managed Print Services program.

Free up IT

For small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), the IT departments find they spend a good chunk of their time resolving print-related issues. By shifting to Managed Print Services, you can delegate printer support to a partner with greater experience and a dedicated support channel. This approach frees up your IT team for more strategic, impactful work.

Replace underperformers

Just as some team members are more efficient, so are some printers and copiers. PrintSmart can identify devices that cost more and produce less so we can make sure the right machine is placed in the right environment to be utilized efficiently.

Eliminate supply-related delays

It happens more often than businesses would like to admit: printers and copiers run out of toner, and overall office productivity takes a hit until the device is back in service. With our PrintSmart program, this will never happen, as the software will monitor toner consumption and automatically schedule replacements as needed. An additional bonus is that you no longer need to dedicate storage space to printer and copier consumables.

Want to increase efficiency and productivity?

PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s Managed Print Services Program, allows businesses to bundle all document output devices, toner, and service into one invoice with one low cost per print. PrintSmart also removes the burden of fixing printers and monitoring supplies from IT professionals, allowing them to perform more important, strategic functions. Save money and increase productivity with PrintSmart.

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