Cost Reduction Through Managed Print Services

For many small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), printers and copiers are a significant expense, but one that’s often ignored. For many organizations, the dollars and time spent on copiers, printers, and supplies seem endless. However, by shifting from a traditional lease or purchase business model to our PrintSmart Managed Print Services (MPS), businesses can reduce costs and increase insight and control.

Reduce printing costs by reducing time spent on printer management

Managing and maintaining printers can be tremendously time-consuming. Think about how many different brand and models are in your organization. Now think about configuring each one, and changing out toner for each one. By using PrintSmart to reduce the time and effort spent on these issues, your organization can focus on their core business competencies. You can reduce costs by reducing the time spent on administrative headaches, supply shortages (never worry about running out of toner again) or managing inventory.

Want to reduce costs and increase productivity?

PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s Managed Print Services Program, allows businesses to bundle all document output devices, toner, and service into one invoice with one low cost per print. PrintSmart also removes the burden of fixing printers and monitoring supplies from IT professionals, allowing them to perform more important, strategic functions. Save money and increase productivity with PrintSmart.

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