Advanced Printing Solutions for Increased Document Security

More and more Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs) are moving to Advanced Printing Solutions. Some businesses are looking for cost savings, while others are focused on improving the efficiency of their organization. But Advanced Printing Solutions can also significantly improve document security while maintaining convenience and ease of use.

While there is no shortage of digital threats, some of the most significant risks taken by a business happen at the printer where sensitive documents sit unguarded in the output tray. Many companies deal with sensitive customer data, but some industries are at even higher risk and have even greater exposure to liability, including healthcare providers, law firms, and financial advisors.

Improving document security with “Follow Me Printing”

“Follow Me” or “Find Me” printing refers to a system where print jobs are sent to the device and held there. When users authenticate at the printer, their print jobs are released. It’s not unlike the 2-factor authentication used by apps and websites. First, users need to have proper network credentials and access to send their job. Then they need to authenticate at the printer to output their print job. There are numerous methods for user authentication, including:

  • PINs and security codes
  • Proximity transponders 
  • Username and password 

Increased accountability through reporting

Do you have any idea how many emails, Pinterest boards, and online recipes office staff are printing on your office printers? With Advanced Printing Solutions, you’ll know precisely how many—and you’ll know precisely who printed them. This level of robust, automated reporting increases security by increasing transparency. With Advanced Printing Solutions from Applied Imaging, you can rapidly identify—and halt—potentially unsafe actions that threaten document security.   

Access control

Taking oversight a step further, with Advanced Printing Solutions, you can not only monitor printing, but you can also control it. Advanced Printing Solutions gives you extensive control over users, devices, and permissions.   

Want to increase efficiency and productivity
with Managed Print Services?

PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s Managed Print Services Program, allows businesses to bundle all document output devices, toner, and service into one invoice with one low cost per print. PrintSmart also removes the burden of fixing printers and monitoring supplies from IT professionals, allowing them to perform more important, strategic functions. Save money and increase productivity with PrintSmart.

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