When they say “there must be a better way,” this is what they mean.

The death of printing has been greatly exaggerated. While plenty of communication now takes place online, printing still has an important role to play in American business. From sophisticated 5 color machines with inline binding to a single function desktop printer, we at Applied Imaging can improve every facet of document printing with our printing products.

Managed Print Services

With PrintSmart Managed Print Services, you don’t have to worry about printing. Why? Because PrintSmart takes care of everything: hardware, consumables, reporting, even administration and user access. Lower costs, reduce downtime and eliminate the headaches associated with printing, with PrintSmart.

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Production Print

Welcome to the big league. If you’re a copy center, a college, or a large corporation, your printing requirements are very different from the average organization. The volume, complexity, and urgency of your projects are far greater. That’s why you need the Applied Imaging ProTeam on your team for your high volume, large format solutions.

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Printing Hardware

Every business is different, and printing hardware should be tailored to fit. We carry devices from a wide array of industry-leading manufacturers such as Canon, Ricoh, and Kyocera; just to name a few. We can help you select the machines with the features and functionality to match the way you work.

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Advanced Printing Solutions

A lot happens between pressing “Print” and paper landing in the output tray. From detailed reporting to sophisticated routing and job management, Applied Imaging offers powerful software solutions to help businesses administer their printing.

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How much are your printers REALLY costing you?

Sure, there’s a purchase or lease cost, and a cost for consumables, but that’s just the beginning. Check out our guide, 11 Ways Your Printers Are Costing You Money.

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