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Guide to the Paperless Office: Part 4

Why companies who use Document Management love it.

Document retrieval takes seconds, not hours

With Document Management, documents are available anywhere in the organization, usually within seconds. With more and more work being done remotely or on mobile devices, rapid access to business documents has gone from luxury to necessity.

Document routing and approval is exponentially faster

Retrieving paper documents is slow. Paper documents also move through the organization more slowly. Document Management significantly increases the speed of internal processes like reviews and approvals.

Documents are better protected

Redundancy and backups are integral to any Document Management system. Whether your documents are stored locally, remotely, or in a hybrid of both, they’re well-protected from physical dangers like fire or flood.

Access and control are greater

From controlling who has access to certain documents to version control, a Document Management system helps you easily manage information sharing. Document Management makes it simple to establish and enforce policies for security, record retention, and compliance reporting.

The additional benefit of Document Management

No one likes to wait. By providing your customers the ability to share and retrieve information quickly and accurately, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve retention rates, and per-customer lifetime value.

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