A Complete Review of Your IT Infrastructure

Our Technology Assessment discovers what hardware is in use and what user accounts are present on your network. You will receive notification of hardware that is out of warranty and software that is no longer current to help ensure that you have the most up-to-date tools working for you. In addition, user accounts are examined to find active accounts that are no longer in use, such as former employee accounts that need to be deactivated to ensure they no longer have access to your network.

The NetSmart Plus Technology Assessment is generally performed on-site with a technician connecting to your network. After several scans with highly sophisticated tools, our team will determine what devices and software are present. A report is generated after the assessment to assist in planning and determining what ongoing support is necessary to optimize your network and employee efficiencies.



warranty status and updates



User Account

management and deactivation



licensing management

Is your organization ready for managed IT?

Honestly, not every business is. If your organization is considering managed IT services, there are several factors that you need to evaluate before making a decision with so much impact. The best place to begin is with a conversation. No hype, no sales pitch, just a candid discussion about the role that technology plays in your organization’s processes, priorities, and goals.

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