Confidential information needs to stay that way.

Most companies have thorough plans and protocols for the security of their digital information. But often, the security of physical, printed information like medical records, legal documents, financial reports, and banking information isn’t given as much consideration.

It should be though, because most data thieves take a low-tech approach when they are looking for information. They sift through trash or recycling bins for sensitive information that was just tossed out and not properly disposed of. It happens frequently, and the liability issue is serious.

A breach of private information can have enormous consequences: lost customers, lost revenue, and punitive fines.

Protect yourself AND your customers with secure shredding.

At Applied Imaging, we provide end-to-end document management, including the destruction of your private company and customer information.

Once you are done with them, store all of your paper documents in our secure, tamper-proof containers to await shredding. When the time does come to destroy the papers, we bring our shredding equipment to your offices and every sheet is destroyed on-site. Your sensitive records are never in transit and never at risk, with our document shredding services.

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