Tips For a Better Morning

fresh cup of coffee and sunrise

It’s no secret that waking up early and taking time for yourself creates a positive mindset and increases productivity.  There are plenty of people who will read that first sentence and think, “Not me, I’m just not a morning person.”  I hate to break it to those of you that think that way, but anyone […]

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CDC Recommended Activity Minutes

Applied Imaging has 14 teams actively working towards the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of physical activity each week for an individual. We are sneaking in active minutes whenever possible throughout our days. Our Novi copier Set-Up team is crushing the completion thus far by going well beyond the 150 minutes each week for each […]

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Wellness Corner: Fall Activity Minute Challenge

Our Nutrition Challenge came to a close with the end of summer. We drew random winners for some treasured Applied Wellness gear and everyone is looking great for the new season ahead. The kids are officially back to school which bring us to our fall wellness challenge, the Active Minute Challenge. This challenge is a […]

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Don’t Lose Sight of your Goals!

If you have been following along during our Nutrition Challenge over the last few weeks, you can see each week, the daily tasks slowly become more and more challenging. One small habit at a time keeps you moving toward your goals, building into larger habits that help permanently change your behavior. Focusing on small steps, […]

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Wellness Corner, with Brittany Denton

Our Wellness Committee has started off our Nutrition Challenge for the next six weeks with the Applied Imaging gang. During this time, it’s all about the small changes each day that yield to big changes over time. We will take one item to focus on, adding a new fruit, swapping our pasta noodles for spaghetti […]

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Wellness Corner: Proper Nutrition is KEY!

It’s time for new walking shoes for employees at Applied Imaging. We have wrapped up the Michigan Workplace Walking Challenge. We have walked five hundred miles, and we have walked five hundred more! Our total miles stepped as a company during these past six weeks was just over a trip from Washington D.C. to San […]

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Wellness Corner: West Michigan Walking Challenge

We are stepping up to the challenge of the Michigan Workplace Walking Challenge. Applied Imaging has improved from week one to week two, and the Wellness Committee is excited to see where the last four weeks take us. Mark Wallis, one of our top performing Sales Representatives, has held the rank of the top stepper […]

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