Mobile printing from a tablet or smartphone

A while back we wrote a blog article that talked about printing from mobile devices. And in four months the technology related to printing from mobile devices has changed (to no ones surprise). As you also know, the workplace is changing. There were 470 million smart phones and 65 million tablets sold last year. And […]

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How to print from an iPad

Printing from an iPad or iPhone is a conversation topic that seems to come up often.  Here are a few resources that I have found that might be helpful for you.  Keep in mind that I have not personally tested all of these.

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How to remove notifications when printing

I know that many people no longer have XP (which has this on by default), but I have still been asked this question many times by customers: “How do I get rid of the pop up letting me know that I sent a job to the printer?” Follow these easy steps…

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Are your networked devices secure?

Last Friday USA Today published an article on copier and printer security. It is similar to the story that came out a about latent images on the hard drive of the device (MFP’s, printers) after the device is returned. If you have not read or heard about that story click here. For the Applied Imaging […]

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