What Happens to Paper After It’s Shredded?

Shredding your confidential material keeps your material secure. Seems self explanatory right? But I’m sure you’re probably thinking: What exactly happens to my documents once they are shredded? For the eco-friendly, the expectancy is that your material is recycled. Individuals typically can’t send their shredded material to be recycled because small quantities of paper are […]

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[2 Minute Read] – The Benefits to a Shredding Service

Since all businesses are not the same, shredding needs vary from business to business.  Some businesses will pile up paper work over time and some will only take a few days or due to the sensitivity of their documents will need removal much sooner. That’s where scheduled shredding comes in. Scheduled shredding is a great […]

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A Snapshot into Medical Record Shredding [2 minute read]

Because medical records come in many different forms, and contain loads of personal information such as names and birthdates, addresses, personal financial information, social security numbers, and medical record numbers (MRN’s,) it is imperative that this information does not end up in the wrong hands. With these records having such high volumes of personal information, […]

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Tax Time: What to Shred? What to Keep?

What Tax Documents Do I Need to Shred? With tax season in full swing, you likely have a lot of highly sensitive information on your hands. It’s very important to get your taxes in order, handled, and filed by the looming April deadline. But once that time has passed, what do you do with your […]

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Tips and Best Practices for Handling Confidential Material

Confidentiality is key to any business. Breaches of security can come in all forms. The most common are cybersecurity breaches, but have you ever thought about the critical and confidential hard copy information that could be sitting around your office? To avoid breaches of security, all hard copies of confidential information should be contained in a […]

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