From the Director’s Chair: Sharpen the Saw

With the arrival of another beautiful summer season comes the opportunity to “sharpen the saw”, in reference to Habit Seven of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Applied Imaging invests heavily in training in order to encourage an upward spiral of continuous improvement and growth.

One example of this is the various Summits held during the summer months.

The number of on-demand service calls received during the summer months dips noticeably due to many factors surrounding the weather.  We take this opportunity to gather our technicians in small groups for the purpose of exchanging information, best practices, and the occasional manufacturer presentation.  During the course of these Summits, our technicians are able to pickup various tips, tricks, and fixes from one another.  This allows us to be well prepared when the heat of summer dissipates and the heat of increased service call activity increases.

The results pay off in unparalleled service call quality from our professional staff.  Thank you for choosing Applied Imaging.

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