Don’t take the bait this summer!

Summer is right around the corner in Michigan. After a long and seemingly endless winter, Michiganders are more than ready to pull out their swimsuits, sunscreen and beach towels. Many of them are rigging up their fishing poles and heading out to the big lake in search of the next big catch. While this form of fishing is primarily conducted during the summer months, another form is happening year round – but brings devastatingly different effects when the bait is taken.

Phishing is a form of social engineering that goes back decades. It is a cyber attack that targets people all over the world. From governmental institutions to SMB’s, hackers are constantly looking for a way to infiltrate networks. It is most commonly disguised as an email coming from other institutions or people within your organization – typically asking you to download an infected external link, or share disclosed material such as banking information, login credentials, customer data, the list goes on and on. (Source: PHISHING.ORG)

With technology growing on a seemingly exponential curve, the sophistication and quality of phishing emails are keeping pace. As I said before, attacks will often look like they are coming from somebody you commonly correspond with, and the information contained in the email might seem indistinguishable from something you would normally receive. It is important to note that HACKERS HAVE DONE THEIR RESEARCH. Don’t kid yourself into believing this isn’t sophisticated. They know your company, the people, their functions, and how you interact.

Just ask yourself one question: What is my business worth to me? The average cost of a phishing attack for mid-sized companies is $1.6 million (Source: COFENSE.COM). These people do not care about your data. They simply want to sell it for a profit.

This all comes down to end user training and risk mitigation. Over at NetSmart Plus, we have realized that security is the name of the game in the IT industry today. If you or somebody you know wants to put the right tools in place, contact us today and let’s protect your business together.


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