Is your AP department leaking cash?

Five minutes lost here. A missed discount there. AP departments are losing money and many organizations are not looking closely enough to realize it. I read a article written by Hyland about OnBase and the ways that process improvement can help you stop the leak.

“These leaks can be traced directly back to manual, paper-based processes. Even with a strong system like SAP, organizations are still battling paper on a daily basis. SAP easily manages the financial and operational data of enormous de-centralized operations, but it can’t manage supporting documents.”

On November 8th at our Grand Rapids office find out more about how we can help you with:

  1. Unaccounted Liabilities
  2. Duplicated Invoices
  3. High Cost Per Invoice
  4. Slow Customer Service
  5. Missed Early Discounts
  6. Late Payment Penalties
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