(C)hocolate (M)uffins (A)re (I)n (M)y (S)tomach

Businesses of the world unite! Paper cuts are a thing of the past with Content Services software! Gone are the days of removing those pesky staples and filing everything away in those dinosaurs we call Filing Cabinets. But what does Content Services do for a business? Everything that Content Services software does can be broken […]

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Drowning in Paperwork?

Let’s take a poll: Is your business drowning in paperwork? Do you have difficulty finding the documents you need when you need them? Do you have remote employees who struggle with a lack of access to the information they need in the field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help! […]

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Ensuring Your Document Management System is Future-Ready

Notice the headline of this article. I specifically wrote “Future-Ready”, NOT “future-proof.”  If someone tells you that their software is future-proof, you may want to consider running the other direction because this is an inaccurate depiction of software.  No one can predict the exact technology advances that will occur over the next five years.  If […]

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Document Management for Human Resources

Document management solutions for HR have the ability to bring a ton of benefit to your organization. Centralizing employee records, automating review processes, and building out digital forms can increase the consistency and efficiency of your HR processes dramatically. Think of having all relevant employee records at your fingertips, all stored in a single, secure […]

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What can Accounts Payable Automation Bring to Your Organization?

Many companies are still running a completely paper-based and manual Accounts Payable process. Challenges like lost invoices, approval delays, and late payment issuances are some of the daily struggles that many companies have gotten used to in their day to day. I’m here to tell you there is absolutely a better way to manage payables! […]

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5 Goals Your Business Wants to Achieve

Electronic Content Management. Content Services. Information Management. Content Management. Document Management.  What’s REALLY the difference? What do these mean? Why are they important? I know what you must be thinking. “I hear these buzz words all the time but I don’t understand what it has to do with my business. It sounds like a bunch of […]

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