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Changes in Scan to Email Functionality

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As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, so do security standards and protocols. Recent changes have been made to ‘scan to e-mail’ functionality that may impact your ability to use this feature. Copiers require a service to perform the scan to e-mail function, like Microsoft ( or Google ( These services require a username and password to allow scans to be delivered successfully. Keep reading to discover more about these changes and how your business may be affected.

Recent and Upcoming Changes made by Google and Microsoft

Beginning May 30, 2022, Google announced that they will no longer support the use of third-party applications or devices that use only a username and password for authentication. This includes the “Less Secure Apps” functionality. If an application or website doesn’t meet certain security standards, Google might block anyone who’s trying to sign into your account. The use of less secure apps makes it easy for hackers to get into your account, so blocking sign-ins helps keep your account safe. You can read Google’s full announcement here.

Microsoft also announced that effective October 1, 2022, they will permanently disable basic authentication in all tenants. Basic authentication, now an outdated industry standard, allows users to connect to a mailbox using only a username and password. When basic authentication is enabled in your tenant, your data is at risk, which is why Microsoft has made the decision to move to stronger, better, and more secure options. Read more from Microsoft here.

How does this impact your copier(s)?

If your copier(s) currently leverage Google’s ‘less secure apps’ feature, or Microsoft’s ‘basic authentication’ feature, the scan to e-mail feature on your copier could stop working on the effective days mentioned above.

How will the scan to email feature on your copier(s) be impacted?

The best person to help you in this scenario is your go-to IT person.  Your IT professional can follow best practices outlined in both announcements to prevent possible interruptions to your scan to e-mail functionality.  If your scan to e-mail settings need to be adjusted, your IT professional can follow the steps below to update the settings.


  • Login to the Web Image Monitor as admin
  • Device Management
  • Configuration
  • E-Mail


  • Login to the Remote User Interface as admin
  • Settings/Registration
  • Send
  • Network Settings
  • Email/I-Fax Settings


  • Login to EWS as admin
  • Scan/Digital Send
  • E-mail Setup


  • Login to the Command Center RX as Admin.
  • Function Settings > E-mail
  • *Security settings can be checked by clicking the little blue “Protocol” link on the email page OR
  • Network Settings > Protocol > Scroll to Send Protocols/ SMTP (E-mail TX)

This notification relates to a change in security settings by Google and Microsoft around account settings. This could possibly impact your Scan To Email functionality on your copier, IF, you use a Google or Microsoft account that has basic authentication set.

In Microsoft’s case, they are also proactively disabling these services in different tenants to gauge usage and discourage further use, which requires additional steps to re-enable if needed. Because this is an IT area and not directly related to the copier, we unfortunately have to direct customers to either 1) their internal IT group, 2) their external/3rd party IT provider, or 3) partner with NetSmartPlus to identify what they are currently using and any impact in their environment.

The account used to do Scan To Email would be an IT function that is provisioned/provided by the IT group or team. Applied’s connectivity does not provision or provide SMTP accounts or settings directly, we currently require the customer to provide to us or work with their IT group to provision and provide to us.

**Applied does not keep records or data on customer environments. Please work with your IT professional to ensure any necessary changes are made if need be prior to the dates mentioned above by Microsoft and Google.**

Need IT help? Our Tech team is happy to assist any way they can. Send us a message and we’ll reach right out.

Ryan Stewart, Network Connectivity Manager

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