VP Demand Creation Services is an industry-leading, special-interest magazine publisher. Founded in 1969 and based in Traverse City, Michigan, VP Demand Creation is a nationally recognized fulfillment services company.  In addition, they are a turnkey provider of outbound and inbound marketing services, and a commercial and digital printing services company. VP Demand Creation Services offers a customizable menu of marketing execution and manufacturing services all under one roof. As a result, VP Demand Creation Services is uniquely positioned to help customers create and keep up with demand.


They have one of the few HP 12000 digital presses in all of Michigan, among a variety of printing devices. This product requires a top-notch service provider. With printing being a large portion of the company’s revenue, they needed to perform due diligence.  A priority for VP Demand Services was aligning themselves with a partner that was knowledgeable, responsive and accountable.


Applied Imaging became a strategic partner and a member of the project management team for large print jobs. By understanding workflow requirements, they can help VP Demand Creations win more bids, then help produce the deliverables by becoming an overflow source and actually printing portions of the job at Applied Imaging’s facility.


  • Maximum uptime for revenue-producing printing devices
  • A business partner that speaks their language and helps move projects forward
  • A responsive and accountable service provider
  • The ability to focus on growing their business
  • Peace of mind knowing Applied Imaging has their back


“Today’s business world is changing so fast with the advent of digital technology, personalization and variable printing. These guys speak our language and we really love that. They help move the business forward and that’s what we need. It’s a partnership. I mean we pride ourselves in being everything and anything for our customers. We can’t do that without good, strong vendors, partners and suppliers. Applied Imaging is one of those for us.”

Mike Rivard, President, VP Demand Creations

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