The United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) was founded by Andy Appleby, a former senior vice president of the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment. The USPBL launched May 2016 with all games being played at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica, MI. The USPBL is the first league in history to feature best practices such as having all of its games played on prime dates, Thursday to Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day – the very finest months of weather in Michigan.The league has 90 players representing 44 states and is aimed at 18–25 year olds. Dedicated to the ultimate fan experience, the league will host over 1,000 company summer picnics this year.


The USPBL needed to partner with an organization that understood the complexities involved with events, the promises made in event marketing and the requirements of their unique sporting environment. The USBPL promises a different fan and family experience than most of today’s sports leagues and venues. Part of that experience depends on having office technology products that are reliable and present the type of image the league’s marketing promises.



Applied Imaging provided the USPBL with all printers, multifunction products and a high speed color printer. With 500 employees on game days, the color printer gets a workout by being used to print food and beverage orders, menus, inventory stand sheets, team rosters and much more. Applied Imaging also established preventive maintenance as a priority and has support technicians on call before and during games.



  • 100% uptime for all events and pre-event marketing
  • A partner with a similar corporate culture that prioritizes promptness and friendliness with everything they do
  • Peace of mind to focus on other challenges and not be concerned with office technology



“They are all about customer service and we are too.We pride ourselves as having three times the level of service that’s ordinarily provided in sports. Applied Imaging has that same thought process, and really gives us a wonderful level of service. They are a great partner in every way, shape, or form. I’d recommend Applied Imaging for anyone in need of any kind of office technology.”

-Andy Appleby, Founder and CEO, United Shore Professional Baseball League



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