The Toledo Volleyball Club, Northwest Ohio’s oldest volleyball club, was founded in 1991. Over the past 27 years, the club has grown from nine teams to 32 teams with over 300 players. For the past seven years, the club has called the Lucas County Recreation Center home.


The club operates year-round with a full-time staff of three along with over 50 coaches that use the office equipment and other supplies. With the growth the club is experiencing, the club director set out to find a copier/printer that was reliable, fast and had a variety of capabilities that their current equipment didn’t have.As a non-profit organization, the club was also looking to remain within a tight budget.


Following a study of the club’s usage and obtaining answers to a series of questions about future utilization, Applied Imaging installed an MFP (multifunction printer) that was not only fast, but projected a professional image for the marketing materials that would be produced on it. The MFP included a stapling feature with was extremely important to the club’s staff. Applied Imaging was also able to put together an acquisition package that would lower the club’s monthly overhead.


  • Lower monthly expense means more funds are available for the young athletes
  • Output quality of MFP provides a more professional look for all correspondence and marketing materials improving how the club present itself
  • Staff’s life is made easier due to features of the MFP and its speed
  • Reliability of MFP and Applied Imaging’s service personnel provides maximum uptime, especially during the season when it gets heavy use.


“Applied Imaging came across as very professional. They do their research and know their product. They’re willing to ask questions. They’re willing to find answers and they’re willing to find the best product for you at a budget that you have. We’re always looking to save whatever pennies we can and if they’re dollars, it’s even better since we can put them into programming.”

Michelle Hills, Club Director/President/Toledo Volleyball Club


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