Since opening its doors in 1965 with 3,865 students, Oakland Community College (OCC) has grown to become Michigan’s largest community college and one of the largest in the United States. OCC now has five campuses in the Detroit Metro area and serves almost 100,000 students. The school’s Mission states, OCC is a student-centered institution that provides high quality learning opportunities and services for individuals, communities and organizations in an accessible and affordable basis.


OCC was nearing the end of their contract with a national organization and according to OCC’s Executive Director of Technology, their corporate structure and bureaucracy was costing the school days and weeks of downtime. With 127 multifunction copiers (mfp’s) and over 400 printers from multiple manufacturers, the college felt like it had lost control of the actual cost of supplies and maintenance. Excess toner for printers that had already been replaced were piling up on store room shelves and the school’s highly trained Information Technology (I.T.) staff was spending an inordinate amount of time fixing jams and other printer related issues.


After winning OCC’s mfp and printer contract, Applied Imaging immediately implemented their managed print services program; PrintSmart. Under this innovative arrangement in which the school would only pay one low cost per print, all accountability for the mfp’s and printers was shifted from OCC’s I.T. staff and multiple individuals within each department to Applied Imaging. This included all maintenance and supplies for the 500-plus machines, even ones that weren’t originally placed by Applied Imaging. Print jobs over 50 pages were automatically redirected from inefficient desktop printers to larger, more efficient mfp’s. Applied Imaging also implemented a program where students and faculty could send their job to a virtual print queue, then walk up to any printer or mfp on any OCC campus, swipe their card and retrieve the print job.


  • OCC’s Executive Director of Technology calculated an immediate 20% savings on supplies
  • I.T. staff was removed from the traditional printer support role and allowed to focus more on driving the college’s business forward
  • The burden of managing and maintaining supply levels for multiple manufacturers and the various models was removed from OCC’s Purchasing Dept.
  • Individuals no longer had rush out to the office supply store when toner had completely run out
  • Applied Imaging’s proactive service approach increased uptime dramatically
  • OCC is fulfilling the last part of their Mission by providing students and faculty anywhere access to their print jobs while saving a considerable amount on overhead


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