The Neumann Law Group is based in Traverse City, MI, but has offices in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Boston, Huntington Beach, CA, San Francisco, and New York City. Technology is critical for communications between offices. So is the I.T. support required to maximize uptime, maintain a secure network and have back-up systems in place in case of a disaster. Having a full-time I.T. person was an option, but a very expensive one and one that would still require outside vendor involvement.


The firm’s owner, Kelly Neumann, had gone through several tech companies but hadn’t yet found the right fit or a company she could rely on and trust with mission critical issues. She was looking for a partner that understood the legal industry and would allow her and her employees to focus on the legal field. Since the firm’s copiers, printers, fax machines and telephone systems were all connected to her network, she was hoping to make life easier by have a single source solution who would be accountable for everything.


Applied Imaging and their I.T. support division, NetSmart Plus, was brought in to handle “everything from head to toe.” One point person was designated who would be available morning, noon, night and weekends to handle any issue the law firm confronted. Due to the sensitivity of the law firm’s information and HIPPA laws, NetSmart Plus installed the latest technology to prevent hackers from accessing the firm’s client database. Disaster recovery was also addressed to prevent the loss of data due to a power outage, foul weather or human error. NetSmart Plus also established protocols that would allow all employees to work remotely in case of bad weather or illness.


  • Lower overhead not having full-time I.T. staff
  • Single source solution and one point of contact to streamline communication
  • Peace of mind due to network security and disaster recovery
  • Allows the lawyers and staff to focus more on clients and their legal issues
  • Makes life easier for the owner


“NetSmart Plus is my I.T. staff and the Neumann Law Group is tremendously grateful for their service and allowing us to stay focused on our job and what we do best. Good law firms need to be active and at the top of their game every moment, so your technology company is your lifeline. Having eight offices across the country, the bottom line is they make my life easier.”

-Kelly Neumann, Owner, Neumann Law Group


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