Farm Bureau Financial Services was founded in 1939. Since then, they’ve expanded to 1,600 employees and 4,000 field agents. Products they represent include auto insurance, home and property insurance and life insurance. They depend on Farm Bureau agents like Tony Beachler to have the experience and knowledge to make insurance simple and help their clients prepare for the future.


Farm Bureau Insurance agent Tony Beachler opened his Grand Rapids office six years ago. With the mountains of paperwork associated with the insurance industry, he needed a reliable product that would copy, scan, print, fax and send emails. As a one man office, he also needed a reliable company to back up the product and one that shared his values.


According to Tony, it was an easy choice selecting the office technology company he would enlist to help his business. He wanted a local company that would listen to his requests, one that always puts customers first and cares about the communities they serve. He took Applied Imaging’s recommendation to lease a multifunction product that had all the required features and offered the flexibility to keep him ahead of the office technology curve.


  • Peace of mind knowing that immediate support is a phone call away should any problem arise
  • Maximum efficiency for a one-person office in a paper-intensive industry
  • Flexible options should his needs change
  • Working with a company that cares and supports the community he lives and works in
  • An affordable solution


“If you ask what’s the word on the street about Applied Imaging, you hear all good, so it was a very easy decision. I don’t know the intricacies about the functionalities of today’s copiers or printers and ink and toner. But I know if there’s a better solution, they’ll send somebody out to help me understand and make my work a little bit more efficient and affordable. I enjoy doing business with people that enjoy doing business. It’s easy to say I recommend Applied Imaging”
Tony Beachler, Agent, Farm Bureau Insurance


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