Lighthouse Insurance offers multiple lines of insurance including life, home, auto, health, property and business. They also have a title division. Being in a highly paper intensive industry with over 300 employees and 37 offices in Michigan and surrounding states, their printing and copying expense was a significant portion of their overhead. Further cutting into their profits was the fact they had over 200 output devices and were using 46 different brands of printers. Trying to keep up with the printer cartridges and keeping those different brands serviced and functioning was a nightmare for the firm’s I.T. staff. To make matters worse, when printers were replaced, toner left on the shelf was useless.



Lighthouse Insurance needed a business partner to understand the processes used by their employees and provide solutions that were scalable, secure, redundant, and provided a better return on investment. Lighthouse Insurance prides itself on providing clients with exemplary service, so improving productivity was also a key issue. So was selecting one source that could provide reliable world-class products and have the ability to service and support all 37 offices. Lastly, Lighthouse Insurance was looking for a partner that could continue to grow with them, one that has a similar culture in terms of dedication to employees and has a commitment to the local community.



As part of a strategic analysis of Lighthouse Insurance’s I.T. infrastructure, Applied Imaging was brought in to analyze workflow and streamline and simplify the entire printing process. Applied Imaging recommended PrintSmart. Using PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s flexible and innovative managed print services program, Lighthouse Insurance was able to dramatically reduce the number of printing devices by eliminating costly desktop printers and placing centralized multifunction products (MFP’s). The MFP’s were more efficient and had more features, so while costs were reduced, employee productivity improved. In addition, with PrintSmart, Applied Imaging took sole accountability for all printing devices in all 37 offices and removed the burden of servicing and maintaining them from Lighthouse Insurance’s I.T. staff. Applied Imaging also provided a document imaging solution for the title side of the business. This allowed Lighthouse Insurance to reduce paper consumption and become more eco-friendly. It also helped employees provide better and faster service since documents were now at their fingertips instead of in a filing cabinet or off-site storage.



Lighthouse Insurance considers Applied Imaging a valuable partner. Not only did they rise to the challenge, but a Lighthouse Insurance executive said, “They answer more than the question you ask. So when we come to them with a challenge, they’re looking at it through their lens and expertise of working with companies like ours.”  Benefits include;

  • Removing any accountability for maintaining printers and MFP’s from Lighthouse Insurance employees
  • Freeing-up I.T. personnel allowing them to focus on more important and strategic corporate initiatives
  • Reducing the number of printing devices while improving employee productivity
  • Simplifying the billing process with one low cost per print for all output devices
  • Reducing dependency on paper to become more eco-friendly while lowering consumable expenses
  • Peace of mind knowing Applied Imaging will successfully do everything it takes to keep their business up and running
  • Dramatically lowered overhead and saved money



“It’s been a great relationship we’ve developed. It’s added efficiencies and cut down on our use of paper. Our costs have come down. Our productivity is up and the quality of our product has gone up.”

– Harold Burrell, Vice President/Partner

“It saves our I.T. team a massive amount of time. Without quadrupling our I.T. staff, we couldn’t provide the service we get from Applied Imaging because of our locations all over the state. So knowing that Applied Imaging has those locations and can be on-site to fix a printer, to deliver consumables and take care of things in a proactive way that we simply couldn’t replicate, is a big bonus for us.”

– Zachary Gleason, Vice President/Operations


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