Kids Kicking Cancer is an international non-profit founded in 1999. The Michigan based organization uses martial arts therapy for children with cancer and other diseases. This method helps empower children to fight through unconventional circumstances. The organization began with twelve children at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Today, Kids Kicking Cancer helps over 5,000 children each year and operates in ten U.S. cities and five other countries.


The organization depends heavily on its printers and copiers to create flyers, financial reports and statements, and program materials. Their previous machines were slow and had various technological issues, which meant their productivity suffered. Chief Financial Officer, Marc Cohen, decided it was time for a change, after reviewing six different companies he selected Applied Imaging.


Applied Imaging’s experience with non-profit organizations and their culture was a key part of Kicks Kicking Cancer’s solution. Applied Imaging understood that the money being saved on the administrative side would translate to more of the public donated dollars being spent on the kids. Applied Imaging’s I.T. professionals worked alongside with the organization’s I.T. to transition them seamlessly with ongoing performance using multifunction products. This has resulted in better communication between locations. In addition, Applied Imaging employees have developed a relationship with Kids Kicking Cancer outside of work, volunteering to help with the annual golf tournament and other activities.


  • A higher percentage of donations are used to help children overcome their pain, fear, and different challenges they have related to cancer and other diseases
  • Increased productivity, quality of work, and quality of printing
  • Better communication between multiple locations due to improved connectivity
  • Applied Imaging’s people getting involved at a deeper level supporting the organization and helping the children
  • Seamless transition


“We’re the source of public money, so when people make donations they expect it to go towards our programming. Applied Imaging really checked all the boxes. The price, the quality, their local team members. Of all the things we’ve created this year, I have to say the move to Applied Imaging and the printing and the technology we have with them was the best decision we’ve made. ”

Marc Cohen, Chief Financial Officer, Kids Kicking Cancer


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