Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation has over three decades of experience providing care and facilitating comebacks for those with brain and spinal cord injuries, strokes, and other neurological conditions. Being in the medical profession, the organization deals with a lot of confidential health information that’s printed and copied, but ultimately needs to be destroyed.


Unhappy with the timeliness and responsiveness of their past provider, Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation looked to make a change. Due to the ebb and flow of their document process and employees purging their offices and desktops at irregular times, the organization needed documents destroyed outside of normal pick-up routines. They also needed these documents destroyed on-site.


In addition to providing containers for sensitive documents, scheduling regular pick-ups, and document destruction days, ShredHub agreed to respond to requests at irregular intervals. These would occur when the containers were full prior to a scheduled day. ShredHub also allowed the organization to have a Purge Day when employees would collect a number of items and have ShredHub’s document destruction vehicle shred everything on-site.


  • Lower rates than previous document destruction provider
  • Responding to customer requests within a few hours not days
  • Personalized service and a willingness to provide document destruction at irregular intervals
  • Peace of mind knowing ShredHub will respond whenever required


“Well, rates were very competitive to begin with, so from a financial perspective that was beneficial to us. But more so, it’s the responsiveness and the timeliness and their willing to personalize the service to our needs that is very important to me. It’s been a great partnership with ShredHub so far and we look forward to expanding those services and business with them.”
Shane Kistler, Director of Business, Hope Network


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