Henry Ford College (HFC) is a public two-year college founded in 1938, and has a current enrollment of close to 14,000 students. With two campuses located in Dearborn, the school offers bachelor and associate degrees. Providing a variety of certificate programs in a wide variety of liberal arts, science, fine arts, culinary arts, hospitality management, and health sciences.


Fred Steiner is HFC’s Purchasing Director and buys everything for the school. Several years ago, Mr. Steiner had seven firms respond to an RFP for replacing the school’s entire fleet of equipment. Factors being considered were machine quality, price, service, response times, and overall approach to handling customers. According to Mr. Steiner who has been with HFC for over 30 years and the other evaluators, Applied Imaging’s presentation, “stood out from the crowd and was an incredibly effective and creative presentation.” Applied Imaging’s proposal not only stood out, but received the highest rankings for how they would work with the school’s existing provider, how they would move the old equipment out and move in the new, how they would train people, and how they would assess the right locations for the right equipment.


During a two week period over the summer, Applied Imaging replaced 52 pieces of equipment and held training sessions for the personnel in each department. According to Mr. Steiner, everything went like clockwork. Since then, students have been happy with the walk-up machines in the library and School of Nursing. The Production Area “just loves it” due to maximum uptime. The department heads and more importantly, their staff, really likes the new system, software, and all the features the package has to offer.


  • HFC has saved over $110,000 each year since selecting Applied Imaging
  • HFC employees receive immediate response and follow-up whenever they have a question
  • Applied Imaging has been easy to do business with
  • Applied Imaging’s responsiveness to end-users needs and requests has made Mr. Steiner’s decision look great
  • Applied Imaging’s vast experience in the education environment has meant “no headaches” for HFC and Mr. Steiner


“Their philosophies, their priorities, the things they value really are customer centered. They’re dependable. They live up to what they promise. They exceed your expectations. It’s worked out to be a great relationship and one of the most satisfying contracts I’ve ever had.”

Fred Steiner, Purchasing Director, Henry Ford College


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