Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS), which includes 53 schools, is Michigan’s 5th largest public school district with nearly 17,000 students and Grand Rapids 3rd largest employer with a staff of 2,700. GRPS is also a leader in the State and the Nation for green built schools. As with all publically-funded enterprises, pricing is important but when educating the city’s children is involved, service from vendor/partners is paramount.


The district was looking to transition from a paper system to an online system in their purchasing department. In keeping with their leadership role when it came to establishing and implementing Green Initiatives, GRPS also wanted to dramatically reduce paper consumption which was huge


As the incumbent copier and printer partner for the past 27 years, Applied Imaging was very familiar with the district’s personnel and operating systems. To meet the challenge, an OnBase Electronic Content Management (ECM) system was installed that would link to the district’s proprietary e-purchasing software package. Following that, Applied Imaging’s DocSmart team worked with the GRPS purchasing and accounts payable departments and their I.T. staff and walked them through everything step by step. OnBase is also now being used in the warehouse for receiving goods.


  • Purchasing department now 95% paper-free
  • Reduced paper consumption another 40% throughout the rest of the GRPS
  • Eliminated filing cabinets and costly off-site storage facilities
  • Improved productivity since documents are easily and quickly accessed without the need to leave the desk or go to off-site storage
  • Put GRPS personnel on the same page and made their jobs easier.

“They’re great partners and have done great things for our kids. They’re truly invested in what we’re doing and they make an impact in what we are doing. And they’re always asking us what they can do to help us even more. Bottom line; they’ve helped us tons with saving money on our print jobs and things like that.”

Sharol Hawley, Director of Purchasing & Supply
Grand Rapids Public Schools


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