Founded in 1963, Exotic Automation and Supply is a motion and control distributor with 10 locations throughout Eastern Michigan and growing. The company has always believed in automation having installed its first office system in 1976; a Burroughs machine that included parts they were manufacturing at the time.


The company had a very cumbersome process for purchasing printer supplies and typically by the time a request was made, the printer was already out of ink. During a big push to go to a near paperless office, an Information Technology (I.T.) partner recommended they contact Applied Imaging for an assessment of all printers and printer production. The idea was not just to remove paper, but make sure paper was produced in an economical manner and only for specific functions. During the assessment, it was discovered that many of their printers were old and very costly to operate by today’s standards. The printers were inexpensive to purchase, but the total cost of ownership was significant.


Applied Imaging upgraded the company to better, more efficient technology and based on work flow needs, strategically placed 15 multifunction products (mfp’s) and 90 printers throughout the 10 locations. Applied Imaging then assumed all responsibility for servicing them and making sure supplies were readily available under their managed print services program; PrintSmart. This is critical with the high production equipment where some are producing 40,000 to 50,000 prints per month.


  • A 20% reduction in the cost of toner, service and equipment
  • Removed the burden from the I.T. staff of having to manage printer service and supplies
  • Took all management and administrative responsibilities associated with printers off the table
  • Allowed I.T. team, administrative team and purchasing team to focus entirely on their   customers and corporate initiatives
  • Eliminated management’s worry over copying and printing
  • Better positioned the company for additional branches in the near future

“We have a quality vendor that is looking at the total cost of ownership as it relates to our copying and printing needs. We also have a one-stop shop which makes it easy to make one phone call to someone who understands the technology, the needs of my company and can recommend the right equipment.”

Thomas Marino, President
Exotic Automation and Supply


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