The Detroit Lions franchise has been a member of the National Football League (NFL) since 1930 and has won four NFL Championships during that span. They play their home games at Ford Field in downtown Detroit and have a practice facility in Allen Park, MI. Although the NFL season is only 17 weeks (21 including pre-season), the work that goes on behind the scenes is a 52-week high energy endeavor.


The Lions were looking to form a relationship and partner with a business solutions company for all their printers and multifunction products (MFPs). They needed a company that was dependable and could work seamlessly with the team’s IT group. The Lions were aware of Applied Imaging’s excellent reputation and the fact they already supported the team.


Applied Imaging placed over 70 pieces of equipment at the Lions’ Ford Field and Allen Park offices. The installation, removal of the previous equipment and interaction with IT personnel was well planned and executed perfectly. According to Lions management, everything is operating much smoother and their employees are much happier with the new printers, MFPs and support from Applied Imaging.  Applied also agreed to use its marketing abilities to help promote the Lions on the West side of Michigan.


  • Happier employees working behind the scenes to enhance the fan’s experience
  • Built a relationship with an enthusiastic, dependable and service-oriented partner
  • Generated additional marketing support in Western Michigan
  • A partner that can continue to grow and be successful together in a high energy, fast-paced environment


“We were looking for a business solutions company and that’s what we found. Our people are happier with the equipment and the service that’s associated with it. So, when you can find someone who has that baseline initiative, on top of the fact they have enthusiasm for the team and want to succeed just as much as we do, it’s a very easy relationship to forge.”

Dan Lentz, Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships, Detroit Lions


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