Founded in 1937, Dee Cramer is now one of the USA’s largest commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation firms. The company is headquartered in Holly, MI, but has multiple locations and now employs over 100 people. Dee Cramer projects include churches, malls, universities, hospitals, casinos, automotive manufacturing plants, and many more all over the states of Michigan and Ohio.


The company had a manufacturer-direct relationship for all its multifunction products (MFPs), desktop printers and five wide-format plotters. Maximum uptime on the plotters is essential to the business and the work they do with builders, architects, and engineers. Several years ago, the manufacturer decided they wouldn’t service the areas Dee Cramer’s branches were in and introduced the company to Applied Imaging.


Applied Imaging took over service on the wide-format plotters and placed the MFPs and desktop printers on their innovative managed print services program; PrintSmart. When it came time to upgrade, Applied Imaging introduced the Oce’ wide-format product and worked with Dee Cramer’s IT Department to network all the printing devices between branches. Under PrintSmart, Applied Imaging became accountable for all preventive maintenance, any service calls required, ordering, and maintaining supply levels. This removed all responsibility for the printing devices from Dee Cramer’s IT Department and their administrative staff. Plus, PrintSmart helped lower the overall monthly cost.


  • New equipment and a lower monthly cost
  • Maximum uptime for mission critical wide-format plotters
  • One service organization to handle calls throughout Michigan
  • Printing devices are never short of toner and other supplies
  • IT Department freed up to focus on strategic initiatives instead of fixing paper jams and other printer related duties
  • Networked products provide better communication between headquarters and branches


“Our business relies on those plotters working at all times. With Applied, we never have to go through any downtime even if something happened with one of the machines that was not their fault. They will take what we have and go and print themselves and return our drawings in a timely manner so none of our projects have any downtime. Applied has been great. The whole team from start to finish has been amazing with everything they’ve done for us.”
Kay Fletcher, Executive Assistant. Dee Cramer



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