Conway Township is a rural community located in the northwest corner of Livingston County and includes the county’s second largest farming population. Founded in 1838, the township has a population of approximately 3,500, including over 2,500 registered voters.


Due to a network printer, Conway Township had an existing relationship with Applied Imaging and knew they had reliable products and responsive service. As communications became more dependent on a reliable network, they began to seek improved IT support. This was critical since staff only works two days a week and any length of network downtime severely impacts their productivity.


NetSmart Plus instituted a managed network services plan for the township. Over time they replaced all computers and upgraded the township’s server. They have also increased network security and provided a disaster recovery plan for any catastrophe such as a snowstorm or electrical outage. Due to the size of NetSmart Plus’ staff, any one of Conway Township’s employees can call, get an instant response, and have their issue resolved quickly.


  • Immediate response to solve any network issues
  • Recommendations that keep the township current with technology and network security
  • Peace of mind knowing that data is backed up by NetSmart Plus
  • Uptime ensures staff has maximum productivity while working two days a week


“The best thing about NetSmart Plus is there is always someone there. Whenever we call, they jump on an issue and resolve it quickly. Normally I like to do business with local companies. However, when it comes to our network and uptime, the size of their staff provides an instant response and can solve everything over the phone or remotely. That’s what it’s all about. Plus, everyone here feels comfortable calling them and not going through me, so it makes my job easier.”

Elizabeth Whitt, Township Clerk, Conway Township, MI

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