Blu House Properties is a West Michigan based real estate brokerage that specializes in selling residential and commercial properties. Much like Applied Imaging, they take a consultative approach with their clients.  This involves listening to their needs and helping achieve their desired goals. Service is extremely important to Blu House and they believe in building relationships and connecting prospects with the Blu House Family. Celebrating 12 years in business, Blue House Properties’ abilities also include investment properties, vacant land, and development opportunities.


Although cost has always been important, Blu House Properties Owner, Ryan Ogle, strives to do business with companies that have similar ethics and morals. It was important for Ryan to work with a company he trusted, admitting to not being an expert in office technology. Although the Real Estate Industry is moving towards more digital communication, enormous amounts of paper are still required for daily processes.  Documentation is needed for all buy/sell transactions, therefore, equipment reliability is necessary. In addition, Blu House has several departments such as Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, etc that they were dividing their bills equally. Blu House wanted to start clearly identifying where resources are being allocated and were seeking a quick method for charging back prints and copies accordingly.


After doing an extensive analysis, it was determined that a new Canon Multifunction Color device would be the best fit for this organization.  This device will help them print their own marketing materials, provide the reliability and speed that they were looking for, and enable intelligent meter counts.  This allowed the accounting team to analyze the print and copy usage for each department and bill-back accordingly. Over the years, Ogle has trusted the advice he’s received from Applied Imaging and has been rewarded with bottom line savings and fewer headaches.


  • Accurate billing to each department in Blu House Properties
  • Ability to print their own high quality marketing materials
  • Money and time savings based on Applied Imaging’s responsiveness and ability to troubleshoot effectively and efficiently


“We like to align ourselves with people who think the same and do business the same. Someone that has the same business ethics or morals that our company does. That’s Applied Imaging.”

– Ryan Ogle, Owner, Blu House Properties


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