Art Prize, which began in 2009, is an open independently organized international art competition held in early fall each year in downtown Grand Rapids. According to The Art Magazine, it’s the most attended public art event on the planet attracting close to 400,000 people annually. Although Art Prize only lasts 19 days, the event requires year round staff to attract participants, attendees and close to $3 million in corporate sponsorships.


Until this year, the staff, which numbers over 50 when seasonal employees are included, was saddled with an older color printer that was slow and created hours and hours of wasted time waiting for jobs to be completed. Art Prize needed a faster, high production color printer that also had a scanning function and a stapling feature. Print quality was also essential since presentations were being generated for sponsors such as Pantone, the world renowned authority for colors in the printing world. Art Prize needed support for the product since the transition to new technology had to be quick and seamless. Downtime, especially approaching or during the event, could have devastating consequences.


Art Prize turned to Applied Imaging, who had already been involved as a sponsor. In fact, Applied Imaging had taken on the printing of tens of thousands of visitor handouts, including maps and guides that allows visitors to locate almost 2,000 pieces of art in three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids. Applied Imaging placed a Canon high speed color printer and worked quickly to ensure Art Prize employees were trained immediately. Shortly after installation, Art Prize employees had the knowledge and skills needed to work at a faster pace and dramatically increase their productivity.


  • With the increase in productivity, both seasonal and full time employees were excited and morale was up. No more standing in line or killing time waiting for their print jobs
  • The quality of presentations significantly improved due to Applied Imaging placing a Canon, a manufacturer that has set the standard for color copying and printing for almost 40 years
  • Art Prize has the support of Applied Imaging, a company that has giving back and supporting their local communities engrained in its culture
  • Due to Applied Imaging’s highly trained technical staff and fast response time, Art Prize employees have peace of mind not having to worry about downtime during critical moments

“They’ve been incredibly fast to respond to all of our needs. When you change such an important piece of technology within an office, you need to have a company that’s going to make sure everybody is trained. Applied was there every step of the way making sure there was hardly any slow down during the transition. We feel incredibly taken care of by Applied Imaging and we’re so excited to work with them.”

Todd Herring, Creative Director
Art Prize


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