Adoption and Foster Care Specialists was founded in 2008 by Jaci Luzi and Jennifer Hect-Kelly. The organization is dedicated to providing safe, loving, stable homes for abused and/or neglected children in the state of Michigan. Although the ultimate goal is family reunification, whenever necessary, they create new families through adoption. With an overriding priority to take actions in the best interest of the child, Adoption and Foster Care Specialists has touched the lives of hundreds of Michigan children.


The organization provides reports that contain 65-70 pages and are distributed to state organizations, multiple attorneys, parents and the courts, Adoption and Foster Care Specialists needs to manage and print an enormous amount of paperwork. They were attempting to do this with desktop printers in each office. Paper jams and other incidents were occurring at inopportune times and almost daily. Plus, the ink for the desktop printers was very costly.


Applied Imaging centralized the printing by switching out all the office printers for two medium size multifunction products (MFP) and one high volume MFP. This solution provided Adoption and Foster Care Specialists with lower monthly printing costs and allowed more peace of mind when it came to printing multiple large reports and distributing them to the various locations. Paper jams and other minor issues were solved either the same day, or in most cases, over the phone.


  • Monthly savings due to lower printing costs
  • Reliable products and immediate service for maximum uptime and peace of mind
  • Elimination of complaints from employees regarding paper jams and other printer issues
  • Less pressure on Executive Team to maintain printer uptime


“Before Applied Imaging, my husband was taking care of our printer needs. It seemed like every night he had to go back to the office and fix something. Applied Imaging takes the pressure off me. Everyone feels more confident that we can print when we want to print. If the court needs something, they’re going to get it. Applied Imaging keep us running. Without them, we’re dead.”

Jaci Luzi, Co-Founder & Chief Administrative Officer, Adoption and Foster Care Specialists

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