HTI is the collection of investments in the heavy-duty transportation industry located in Grand Rapids, MI. Operating divisions include New Life Transport Parts Center, Road Equipment Parts Center, Fleetcraft Brake & Reline Center, as well as others.


HTI’s Accounts Payable Department was processing 50,000 inventory payables per year by printing/matching/stapling multiple forms. Their process was preparing the forms with pen and paper before entering into an ERP system. Since many invoices were coming into the company via email, HTI’s IT Director made an inquiry to the company’s copier representative at Applied Imaging. Their goals was to have the invoices electronically routed via email, rather than printing.


In addition to copiers and scanners, Applied Imaging created and installed a paperless accounts payable and purchase order system for HTI.  Applied Imaging utilizes and offers a customizable software solutions called OnBase.  The OnBase system is currently being rolled out in HTI’s accounts receivable system, with additional projects currently in the design phase. The OnBase paperless initiative also helped HTI get up and running and seamlessly transfer the accounting department to work remotely during Covid-19 times. By doing so, HTI’s accounts payable department was able to keep the workforce safe and productive.


  • Quicker access to documents and getting them into the hands of the people requesting them
  • Reduced the cost of paper, ink, forms, and printing
  • Reduced staff labor and time spent on tedious tasks
  • Allowed current staff to take on additional responsibilities
  • During COVID-19, staff was able to remain safe and productive by working remotely


“Working with Applied Imaging and OnBase has allowed me to grow and take on other responsibilities like learning how to project manage a software implementation. Our experience with Applied Imaging has been phenomenal. They have helped us every step of the way and made great suggestions on how to improve our processes. Any work they’ve done for us has been completed correctly and saved us countless man hours. And we’ve made good friends along the way.”

Jane Cybulski, Inventory Accounting Manager, Hinton Transportation Investments

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