Great Lakes Bay Health Centers

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Great Lakes Bay Health Centers (GLBHC) is made up of 28 locations throughout the Great Lakes Bay region and beyond in 16 different counties. Most locations are set up to serve medically underserved populations, but their doors are open to anyone regardless of insurance or lack of insurance. GLBHC’s federally qualified community health centers around Michigan offer a wide range of comprehensive high-quality medical care, dental care, and behavioral health care to over 54,000 patients. Their stated mission is Quality Healthcare for Everyone.


Following the determination to work with a different vendor, GLBHC interviewed multiple office technology companies to replace all their printers and copiers throughout their offices. With 28 locations, they wanted standardization and the seamless ability to communicate with each facility. As a healthcare provider, regulations such as HIPPA needed to be addressed. There would be a lot of work on the server end to get everything incorporated into electronic health records before the devices were available.


Applied Imaging already understands the medical profession, and has expertise in providing hardware and software solutions that focus on patient privacy and network security issues. They implemented a badge release printing solution where jobs could be stored in the MFPs until the user was ready to pick up their job. This prevented multiple print jobs from piling up and individuals walking away with the whole stack. Applied Imaging’s I.T. professionals and trainers worked with Applied Imaging’s delivery team to roll out all new multifunction products (MFPs) to all 28 GLBHC locations. They also helped GLBHC return all the old equipment and took over maintaining any existing printers still being used for prescriptions.


  • More diligence in how sensitive medical data/information is handled
  • Standardization throughout all 28 GLBHC locations allowing for consistency in how information is presented to the community
  • The ability to print business cards, letterhead, and brochures in-house instead of outsourcing
  • Removed the burden of printer maintenance from GLBHC’s I.T. staff which allowed them to focus on more strategic issues
  • Cost savings even with all new hardware



“They’re highly motivated to help you get to where you want to go. They had dedicated individuals for training, so as soon as these locations came online for new equipment, there were individuals to interact with our end-users, to train them, teach them and answer questions. Other benefits included accountability since there’s a lot more usage tracking and cost savings. There’s been a big change in what we were spending for photocopiers. New equipment; spending less. It worked out really well.”

Loren Gracer, I.T. Director, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers


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