Eikenhout Building Supplies was founded in 1894 as a roofing supply company and its headquarters still sits on the same Grand Rapids Wealthy Street property. Over the years, Eikenhout has grown from being a small roofing supplier in Grand Rapids to a distributor of multiple building products and nine Michigan locations.


Before Applied Imaging entered the picture, Eikenhout was performing all maintenance on its office equipment by staff members. As the machines got older, management decided to purchase new equipment and remove the burden from their employees by outsourcing the servicing function. Criteria for selecting a firm included contracting with a local company that shared Eickenhout’s values and culture of community support. They also needed a company that could support all nine Michigan locations.


Applied Imaging was able to satisfy all of Eickenhout’s criteria and more. Their offices matched up perfectly with Eikenhout’s locations and Applied Imaging’s philosophy of supporting the communities they serve also was a major factor. Applied Imaging’s IT and network process was also critical to the selection process. Applied Imaging brought in all new multifunction products and printers and became accountable for all preventive maintenance, making sure every piece of equipment was properly supplied with toner and responding quickly to any emergency service required.


  • Freed up staff to focus on their core competencies
  • Removed the burden of performing maintenance and fixing paper jams from IT department
  • Management receives financials and other relevant information faster
  • Able to streamline vendors by having one company handle all nine Michigan locations
  • Satisfied the criteria of doing business with a company that is local and shares similar values


“I get a certain amount of pride when I go down the road and I see an Applied Imaging truck and I know it’s local. I know they support the charities and the communities the way that we support it. Plus, with Applied Imaging, I’m freeing up my IT guys and freeing up my controller. I get information from my IT department and my controller faster and at the end of the day, that’s my big benefit.”

Greg Schierbeek, President, Eikenhout Building Supplies


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