Founded in 1970, Carroll Products Inc. (CPI) is now the Midwest’s premier provider of flexible packaging serving customers with diverse product lines and evolving needs. CPI was founded as a plastic bag manufacturer for parts to the Detroit automotive industry. Through the years the company has evolved into a leading BRC Certified manufacturer of plastic bags and flexible packaging serving a variety of markets with an emphasis on retail food packaging.


Management had been so focused over the years on growing CPI and entering new markets, but they fell behind the curve when it came to technology. They needed to upgrade to a better way of communicating with customers, employees, and vendors. Although CPI is a manufacturing company, they also have a full-service graphic arts department. This means there are both Mac’s and PC’s on the same network which presents a challenge for most managed network service providers.


Applied Imaging’s first step was extensive fact finding to learn everything about CPI and their diverse environment. New desktop printers and multifunction products (MFPs) were brought in and placed under PrintSmart, Applied Imaging’s innovative managed print service program. NetSmart Plus took over CPI’s everyday information technology needs with a custom managed network services plan that includes 24/7 remote diagnostics and much more. They upgraded all network-related devices and installed firewalls to prevent viruses and hacking.


  • Better communication with employees, vendors, and customers
  • Peace of mind knowing network is secure from hackers or viruses
  • Allows management to focus on other issues and continue to grow the business
  • Immediate response to any glitches or computer-related issues
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Affordable printer and MFP acquisition and support plan to keep overhead low
  • Both Mac’s and PC’s covered under one managed network services plan


“After doing their homework, Applied Imaging came in and brought us to where we need to be, and it’s been a great relationship. The hardware and software allow us to work so much faster and the IT support is priceless. We feel secure against ransomware attacks or viruses which can paralyze a company. For me, it’s made life simpler by taking any technology concerns off my plate. I can now focus 100% on manufacturing and exceeding customer’s needs since I know Applied Imaging has my back. Overall, the investment was surprising low and well worth it.”

Joel Manardo, Vice-President, Carroll Products, Inc.


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