Children’s Healing Center is the Nation’s first recreational center for kids with weak immune systems and their families. It is a place where they can play without the fear of germs. Their 7,000 square-foot facility is designed to provide as close to a germ-free environment as possible. In addition to being squeaky clean, the physical design of Children’s Healing Center was made with kids, siblings, and parents in mind. The centerpiece of the Center’s programming is the four zones of play. These zones highlight interaction and participation in an open environment. In addition, this environment is focused on physical fitness, mental health, and building a community of support.


When Children’s Healing Center opened, they looked for a partner that truly understands the unique model of non-profit organizations. With dreams of expanding throughout Michigan and eventually the country, finding an IT provider was critical. They also needed a service and support organization to take care of their internal printing needs.


Applied Imaging extended the life of their printers with their cost-efficient toner and service program. On the IT side, NetSmart Plus representatives ran tests and discovered their previous security and disaster recovery issues were not properly identified and remedied them. In addition, Applied Imaging has helped with fund raising events by printing posters and programs at their Customer Print Center. Applied Imaging’s Marketing Department also hosts an annual Casino Night fundraiser in support of the Center.


  • Expenditures are kept under control
  • Treated like family not a number or check mark
  • Maximum network uptime and security
  • Constantly assessing potential problems and making cost effective suggestions
  • A kind and loving partner that goes above and beyond


“John and Sandy Lowery are giving people and Applied Imaging is a great company. They put their customers and employees first which speaks volumes. Our mission resonates with them. They care and know what we do and help us do things better. We’re treated like family. As a businessperson, I’m getting what I pay for and getting friends that care.”

Melissa Block, Associate Director, Children’s Healing Center


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