2/90 Sign Systems is a premier manufacturer of a complete line of interior and exterior architectural signage. They provide turn-key services that include programming, wayfinding, project management, installation and maintenance services. With a facility that encompasses 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space in Grand Rapids, Michigan, signs are built-to-order from this one location, allowing for cost efficiencies, operational consistencies, and up-close and personal quality control; all of which translates into providing clients with value.


2/90 Sign Systems was experiencing problems with their production department job folders. These folders, containing all the relevant information for each project, were in different places throughout the facility. They could be found in accounting, order entry, on a mangers desk or on the shop floor. If anyone needed to retrieve critical information from the job folder, a search would be required. Additionally, once a job was completed and filed away, a time-consuming search would occur if it was needed again.


To steamline the job folder process, allowing for instantaneous retrieval regardless of a project’s status, Applied Imaging’s Document Management Architects conducted extensive research and redesigned the job folder system. The new system stores all job folders electronically, maximizing efficiency and allowing all staff to add or retrieve critical information quickly, without ever leaving their work area.


  • Improved workflow for more efficiency
  • Increased productivity for greater profitability
  • Better-informed staff, resulting in improved customer service
  • Ability to place more focus on revenue-building activities


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