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Most businesses have no idea what they are spending on office printing because service, supplies, repairs, Help Desk costs, maintenance and depreciation are buried in multiple budget line items.

It’s a fact that document output costs are significant and growing. Industry experts have concluded that office print management consumes an average of 3% of a company’s annual revenues. To make matters worse, color printing is increasing which is noteworthy because color can cost ten times that of black and white. 

PrintSmart, Applied Imaging's Managed Print Services program, allows you to bundle all your document output devices into one package, with one invoice, one low cost per print and one point of accountability. PrintSmart frees up your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and other business-enhancing processes instead of trouble-shooting and fixing printers or running to the local office supply store to purchase toner cartridges.

reduce expenses and increase productivity with Applied PrintSmart

Reduce expenses and increase productivity
Companies strive to find ways to reduce expenses and increase productivity. With PrintSmart there is a print management solution that will help save up to 41% on your company's printing costs.

Printer and Print Management for Applied Imaging

Print Management: easy for you, easy for your business
Have control over your printing costs, organized financial reports and experience automated service & fulfillment.

Yes it can be done at Applied Imaging

"Yes It Can Be Done" - See what local customers have to say
See what local companies in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Big Rapids, Detroit, Lansing and Traverse City are saying about PrintSmart from Applied Imaging.

checked analysis of TCO for Applied Imaging

We determine your current Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) and efficiency usage
per output device. 

Optimize your printing needs with Print Smart. Your Strategic road map.

Our team of print experts reviews the analysis and develops several
unique options to optimize your print infrastructure. 

Productivity sign- enhance your mangaged print services with Applied Imaging

You choose the strategic solution that fits your company...
We implement it through your facility!

Management software helps with your workflow at Applied Imaging

With our management software and regular client meetings,
we constantly monitor, review and improve your printing processes

Cost Calculator

With office printing costs averaging 3% of annual revenue, it doesn’t take long to see the potential savings go straight to the bottom line. Try the print management cost calculator below and see how your printing costs are affected.