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NetSmart Managed IT Services

A fully-functioning and innovative computer network is critical to keeping your office operating at peak efficiency and to your long-term profitability. Your computer network covers everything from the servers, desktop/notebook computers, printers, switches, routers, firewall appliances, and many other components. NetSmart focuses on keeping those network components working the way they are supposed to work.

NetSmart IT engineers have the capability to repair or resolve most issues remotely, often before your employees experience a problem. As a result, your team will be unleashed to work within their core competencies without having to worry about downtime, allowing your company to be more productive.

With Locations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Big Rapids, Muskegon and Traverse City Applied Imaging has the ability to support computer networks throughout Michigan.

NetSmart Service Tiers

NetSmart proactively monitors, detects and resolves issues on your network. Baselines and thresholds can be set and monitored remotely, keeping your network healthy, minute to minute. To better match the particular requirement of your office, data system and IT budget, Applied Imaging offers three levels of NetSmart support.

NetSmart Essential

A complete package of basic network detection, protection and anomaly-resolutions that a majority of small businesses require to function optimally.

NetSmart Responsive

This midlevel package includes all of the benefits of NetSmart Essential and when network issues are detected they are remediated remotely. If a problem cannot be remediated remotely, network technicians can come to your location for repairs1.

NetSmart Comprehensive

Complete system of support that provides additional communication and input such as help desks, account administration and on-site technical assistance2.

1 Hourly rate applies
2 Includes 4 hours of monthly on-site service