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Your company may be losing money and you don't even know it. The hidden costs of document mis-management can be extraordinary. What Applied Imaging offers is a plan to identify inefficiencies, overlap and redundancy. Printing, faxing and copying can seem like innocuous daily tasks when, in fact, they can be bleeding you dry.

Applied Imaging's Custom Document Management Architects use the most sophisticated tools and technology to identify your document output and usage. We analyze this data and come up with a solution to help streamline your workflows, maximize the use of your technology and of course, rein in costs.  

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Reduce expenses and increase productivity
Streamline workflow and eliminate the need for off-site storage with a scanning, storage and retrieval document management system.

Print Smart Printer- Managed print services make it easier for your business.

Document Management: easy for you, easy for your business
Reduce the dependency for paper in your office. Applied Imaging can help offices of any size switch to a paperless office document management system.

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"Yes It Can Be Done" - See what local customers have to say
See what local business in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Big Rapids, Lansing and Traverse City are saying about Document Management from Applied Imaging.

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No More Off-Site Storage
This expense many times is overlooked, but if you multiply the monthly rental on an off-site storage facility by twelve months that overlooked figure should concern you. When you factor the number of years you’ve rented it, the dollar figure is sure to get your attention.

No more file cabinet with digital filing with Applied Imaging

No More Filing Cabinets 
Leasing office space is likely a significant portion of your G & A. Until now, making sure you have enough square footage to accommodate filing cabinets and other furniture that houses paper documents is an important consideration.

going green and saving the environment with Applied Imaging has never been easier

Be A Better Corporate Citizen 
The majority of companies are implementing “Green” initiatives in an effort to protect our environment. A significant effort is being made worldwide to reduce our dependence on paper. Storing documents electronically goes a long way in helping your business reach the ultimate goal of the paperless office.

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Better Customer Service 
The ability to access documents timely has long frustrated office workers and the customers they serve. Productivity suffers since many times it requires leaving the work station, searching several areas and perhaps even driving to a different locale. Responding to customers in a shorter period of time improves customer satisfaction and elevates employee morale.