Looking for an easy way to define variable elements in Adobe InDesign? Well, DesignMerge Pro Bundle can help you do just that.

DesignMerge works with existing documents, using a palette interface that allows the user to easily define variable elements anywhere on the page. DesignMerge can merge text, picture, multi-line article, or even full-page information using data taken from practically any source. The data is merged directly into InDesign layouts to produce unique, personalized output in a variety of different file and VDP formats, including PostScript, PDF, VPS, and PPML.

The software works with standard Adobe InDesign documents; supports hundreds of variable text, article, and picture links per document; utilizes a simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface; and more!

In addition, included with the DesignMerge Pro Bundle are MPS CopyFit Module, DesignMarge Rules Module, and High-Performance Print Drivers, which provide additional functionality to the software.

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