Process Mapping Workshop in Kalamazoo

Today’s workshop in Kalamazoo was one of the most interactive workshops we have conducted by our Applied Imaging team.  The audience consisted of current customers who have been facing growth with increased stress to current process.  After a brief introduction to Lean-Management, we began by discussing the importance of identifying Business Goals before we could take our first step in discussing process.  The ability to Identify Goals and truly understand the Goals of your organization are critical to the formula for successful process mapping.

With our flip-chart filled with Business Goals, we saw a common thread referencing “Customer Satisfaction” through greater use of existing resources (growth without the addition of people) and efficiencies.

This introductory workshop is designed to get people thinking about process and the effects it has on the overall organization.  We are looking forward to our next workshop in Grand Rapids on April 26th.  For more information about it or to register, click here