Elaine Van Dyke
Marketing Coordinator, Dan Vos Construction

“People we used to do business with kept getting gobbled up by bigger companies with their headquarters who knows where. The key to our relationship with Applied Imaging is that they’re local.  They’re responsive. I get unbeatable service and I get more value for my dollar.”

Chris Douma
Regional Sales Manager, 2/90 Sign Systems

“With clients worldwide, we needed a better way to manage our paperwork. Document management software from Applied Imaging allows us to store, retrieve and share documents via our network. That enables us to provide our customers with a better product, better quality and better service.”

Cindy Locklin
President/CEO, Busy Bee Services

“At Busy Bee Services, we’re very green oriented in our processes, products and procedures. Thanks to Applied Imaging’s products and their commitment to making a difference in the environment and the community I’m financially ahead and environmentally ahead.”

Brian Strick
Project Manager, D & D Building

“With document management software from Applied Imaging we’ve taken a paper intensive process and turned it into an electronic document storage, retrieval and distribution format that’s really increased our efficiency and helped us better serve our clients.”

James Rieth
Marketing and Graphic Designer, Creative Merchandising Systems

“We were outsourcing most of our marketing and printing projects. Applied Imaging showed us how bringing those jobs in-house would help us work more efficiently and save money. The amount was shocking, approximately ten thousand dollars a year.”

Ken Brower
M.I.S. Manager, Cherry Street Health Services

“The printing devices in our organization are all under Applied Imaging’s managed print services program. It’s all inclusive. I pay per copy. It handles all my maintenance, toner costs and other supplies. More importantly, it frees up my IT time to focus on important network issues.”

Jim Baker
IT Manager, Pella Windows and Doors

“With MFP’s from Applied Imaging, we were able to reduce the number of printing devices throughout our business and yet work more efficiently. The savings were unbelievable. Their service is unbeatable. It’s changed our world.”